“Wow! That was a really detailed and thorough report, and I certainly appreciate that you covered just about every detail. I also appreciate your openess to answering future questions that may arise. It’s nice to know there’s somebody out there who understands houses that can direct me to the right solution if a problem comes up! Thanks for doing such a great job inspecting the house.”

Angela M.

“Thanks Mike! We greatly appreciate all of your help, and can’t thank you enough for walking us step-by-step through the house. We will definitely refer all of our friends your way.”

Sasha M.

“Thank you so much! You have been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your professional and informative inspection. Thank you for sending along all of the information so quickly! I love that it’s all electronic and that you include the photos in the inspection report. We truly feel that you did a great job and we will be sure to recommend your services to anyone we know looking for a home inspector. Thank you again Michael!”

Conor & Adrianne M.

“Thank you very much for all you’ve done. I was expecting the inspection process to be more inconvenient and you made it very assuring. We will be recommending you to all our friends who are buying homes!”

Derrick H.

“Thank you… excellent job. We are very happy with your service.”

Ben T.

“Thank you so much for doing such a thorough inspection and for providing us with a detailed report in such a timely manner. We’ve appreciated your professionalism more than you could imagine.”

Brittany G.

Thank you so much for all of your prompt and awesomely thorough reports. They have been extremely helpful and it was great to have a home inspector with so much applicable experience and knowledge!”

Sarah M.

“Thank you very much- your report is really thorough and easy to understand (and the pictures speak volumes, too).
We will be in touch if we have further questions. I am very pleased with your work; thank you”

Jessica C.

“I have received the report and am currently reviewing it. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Your professionalism is commended and appreciated. I would highly recommend your services to others and when I need a home inspection in the future, you will be my first call. I sincerely appreciate the personal advise you outlined, which I feel went above and beyond what you were required to do. I learned a lot in our time together.”

Kimberlee C.


Michael is highly professional, and very informative. His use of the drone for aerial views and photos of the roof and chimney is amazing. The online reports, with photos and highlights, that he prepares for his clients is amazing, and incredibly informative. This is not your average report! I was also incredibly impressed by the nice homeowner’s book he gave our clients, which was filled with useful information on home maintenance, with schedules for recommended upkeep. I highly recommend Michael, you won’t be disappointed!

Michael Allen REALTOR®

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